Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sparkly & Pink - Mani Time

So after cooking another feast for eM this weekend, my mani was completely out of whack (uneven nails, chipped polish, dull color, blah blah) so it was time for a quick mani! This is not from OPI’s latest but it is one of my greatest-OPI DS Reserve! What I love about this polish is this unique pink that looks warmer in low lighting and cooler in bright lighting. It also has tiny shimmery particles that gives it a cool effect between holo and glitter. Another perk is that it dries super-fast. Two thumbs up!!

For this look I did a slightly thick coat layered with a copper/bronze glitter (this one is from Gia Vernis Color).

Thanks for stopping by! xo, Andrea


  1. I love pink and gold together!! Looks so cute. :)

    1. Much thanks! Just got some new glitters today so I'm excited to do some new sparkles!