Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rise & Shine - Tips for Waking Up

{doot doot dooot...doot doot dooot} THAT is the sound of my iPhone waking me up at 5AM letting me know that it is a workday! I consider myself a morning person but ironically have the hardest time rolling out of bed, especially at the crack of dawn. Despite that, when I read this article on Fitsugar to wake up 10 minutes earlier for an energized and positive day, I was inclined to give it a shot. The 10 minutes should be spent doing something you enjoy, whether it is morning exercise or drinking your coffee in silence. My time would be spent reading some of my fave blogs, including "The Small Things Blog" "Sparkle Your Life" "A Beautiful Mess" "Monica In Heels" and so much more.  Well, my first attempt was an EPIC FAIL...I snoozed ZzzzzZzzz. Unwilling to give up, I thought (and consulted Google) on tips for waking up:

  1. Get Up// set your alarm where you have to get out of bed to turn off. If you're afraid of waking up your bed buddy, set a quiet alarm next to your nightstand and a secondary {LOUD} alarm at a spot where you have to get up to silence before it goes off.
  2. NO Snoozing// we all know this is an absolute NO-NO but we are all guilty. Snoozing actually makes you drowsier so don't do it! 
  3. Have a Drink// have a bottle of water (add some zesty lemon!) on your nightstand. Drinking water as soon as you wake up will help stimulate the body and get your metabolism going. 
  4. Work It// even if you don't normally workout, do some quick exercises for a few minutes like yoga stretches, jumping jacks, or jog in place. This will loosen your muscles and get your blood flowing. 
  5. Something to Look Forward To// Maybe it's a cup of coffee or breakfast, reading, or even staring out the window, have something to look forward to in the morning. It will help for a positive wake-up experience.

So now I'm ammoed up, round two tomorrow!
Any other tips you suggest on helping this sleepyhead wake up?