Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Year of Dates - Valentines Gift 2013

I am finally almost done with putting eM's gift together! It is not as perfect as I would have liked but damn myself for procrastinating for  so long to put it together! So I first saw this awesome idea on Pinterest and subsequently on many other blogs as I was doing research for ideas.

What is it? A planned, mostly prepaid, date for each month for the entire year. I created a packet for each month containing a piece of paper explaining our date (wish it was printed in color, damn my procrastination again!) and some other goodies like snacks for a movie date. At the beginning of each month, we would open the packet together and decide on a date for the event.

There are a lot of date ideas out on the Internet whether it is a fun night out on the town or just cozying up at home. Here is what I have planned:

March: Arclight theater. 
April: Los Angeles Gun Club. 
May: Flying kites and picnic at the beach. 
June: Drive-in theather. 
July: Stroll/picnic at the park with board games. 
August: Orange County Fair. 
September: Mexican dinner with margaritas and Redbox. 
October: Dining experience. 
November: 2014 Brazil vacay planning over delivery food. 
December: AMC Dine-In Theater.

I know, 4 of 10 dates are movie related. What can I say, this guy reall likes movies! Some other ideas I really wanted to include were a baseball or basketball game and a concert, but sadly I couldn't include anything that is on a set date because of his difficult and unpredictable work schedule. Plus I could switch up some of the dates later in the year if I change my mind because I prepaid most of the events by using instead of purchasing gift cards from the actual venue. In a nutshell, giftly is like a gift card that could be used anywhere. They do, however, charge a nominal fee for each transaction.

So that wraps up my 2013 Valentines gift. I hope you enjoyed reading!

Andrea o.O

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