Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Happenings

This weekend eM and I oinked out on some oishii Japanese food at Takami. We've been here a few times already and I always love sitting in their semi-outdoor patio on the 21st floor overlooking the skylines of downtown LA. One fun-filled night of gorgeous views, good food, kick-ass drinks, sweet desserts, and rockin' company...all for $175...thanks hun!! ;)

On Saturday Melanie from was so sweet to do a guest post of one of her awesome guacamole receipes. Check it out here. I haven't tried it yet but definitely something I would make for my hot latino someday. Thanks again girl!

So recenlty, like two weeks ago recent, I set weekly running goals to keep myself on track because it's just that easy to make excuses to not run or run less. Goal is 3 times a week and each time increasing distance by 0.05 miles, no stopping during the run, and improving in time. Met goal this week? Check. Total miles ran? 13.06 miles. Awesome! {pats myself on the back}

St. Patty's Day ma and I chowed down some Roll & Rye corned beef cabbage. That's about all I did for the holiday...well, I did wear green if that counts haha! Pretty low key. 

How was your weekend? I would love to hear about it!

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  2. All that food looks so good! And that view of LA is incredible!

    1. Yes everything was pretty awesome lol. Love that place!

  3. Yummy sushi!

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